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When you're buying your dream classic car, it's crucial to arm yourself with expert knowledge.

We are your "Vintage Porsche 911" buying guide.

Our complete Service in Europe, for customers worldwide:

For the privat collectors, for the institutional collector, and for companies we have been buying and selling cars for over 20 years. We have located classic 911s and created beautiful collections for individuals.


We have a passion for the classic 911.


Classic Cars aren´t just toys for petrolheads – they can be a sound and savvy way to grow your wealth.

-You found a vehicle that you want to buy? Or you are still looking for the right vehicle? Due to our location 'in the heart of Europe' we can respond quickly and help you find the car that exactly meets your expectations.


Example: A buyer is situated in Finland and found a car on the Internet he might be interested in buying. The car is situated in Munich / Germany: We go to Munich to see the car and carry out an in depth inspection of the vehicle. Not only will the important factors such as condition, mileage be tested, we will also create a detailed photo and technical documentation for the buyer. If the car then still suits the expecations of the potential buyer, we arrange everything to help the buyer meet the seller, close the deal and move the car to the final destination.


Services in Detail

We check relevant and important details that are relevant for the future development of the cars value:

+ matching Numbers

+ Special Editions (e.g. Limited production numbers, like „Jubi 911“, Carrera RS, etc.)

+ Paint and Upholstery combinations

+ optional Equipment

+ Originality


Past experience has shown that these details play the most important role in pricing and for the future value of your classic 911. Therefore, the priciest offer is not always the best.

+ We perform spot price negotiation on your behalf.

+ Sales contract in your name (for your safety a notary can be assigned)

+ Arranging transport / transfer of the vehicle to the desired destination, within Europe and worldwide.

+ We are able to arrange ex VAT purchase on export, for cars offered with German VAT.

As an additional service, we can represent you on European Vintage Car auctions

If you want to sell your classic Porsche, we can help you find serious and solvent buyers.

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