Make money in the future, with what you dreamt of in the past

In the course of the financial crisis, not only private property was damaged; many investors lost their trust in securities and the promises of banks.

Alternative investments have experienced considerable growth in this context. This is not to tangible assets such as gold, art or real estate, but about investing in classic cars, young-timers and vintage cars, and in particular in classic Porsche!

The Financial Times called it 'Bedroom wall' syndrome that drives up price of 1980s sports cars. Classic Car values are now rising so fast that some owners can be significantly under-valued, according to a recent report in Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper. The article draws attention to the fact that some owners have not kept their Classic Car valuations in tune with the great rises in the car's value. The 2.7 RS remains a true example of the power of classic car investment. For the rest of us, any air-cooled 911 might represent a sensible investment opportunity.


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Your childhood-dream as an Investment

The price developments in recent years have proven it, there is much potential in the investment into a "classic 911".

The Telegraph-UK 12/2014

….the value of classic Porsches has rocketed in the recent years, as more investors have moved money into the classic cars market during the recession.

Bilanz – Axel Springer Schweiz AG, 05/2015

...Classic cars are a hit. The prices of certain gems on four wheels rise at turbo speed.


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For the privat collectors, for the institutional collector, and for companies we have been buying and selling cars for over 20 years. We have located classic 911s and created beautiful collections for individuals. A classic 911 could be a lifestyle choice or it might be a financial investment but whatever individual choice you make and whatever you choose to spend, your car will appreciate in value, making it an excellent acquisition as well as a personal statement - definitely more exciting than an ISA and, in today’s uncertain financial world, an investment with greater security and peace of mind.

           Sincerely yours O.L. Muehlen

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Philipp Salm-Reifferscheidt of Porsche Classic:
“More than 70% of all Porsche cars ever built are still running today.”

The History of the Porsche 911 from 1963 until 1998 - a short timeline...

The Porsche 911 is an icon with a captivating design. No other car has been so successful for so long. With only a few careful changes it has remained a favourite right up to the present day. This is not least because of its reliability. The genius of the 911 has inspired every single current Porsche model. For Porsche Classic the 911 models, right up to the Type 993, the latest model we currently look after, are of course very special.

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